Know CSED Better

Organizationally, we are positively prejudiced in favor of Pakistani women. We put women and youth at the heart of all that we do because their empowerment and leadership will decide the future of Pakistan. We work in the Pakistani context(s).

We are project management specialist organization and have worked on a range of thematic challenges, including Community Engagement, Media and Democracy, Developing Microenterprises, Dialogue, Culture and Cohesion, and Media and Development Research. This page provides the basic regulatory and general information about CSED. Please contact us for more information.

Our Purpose

"The Center shall empower Pakistanis to understand the inevitability of democratic values, and economic development as the only avenues toward holistic national progress and an honorable status of Pakistan."

 Does CSED have EAD's permission to work?

The Economic Affairs Division (EAD) is NOT a registering body of the Government of Pakistan. It ONLY permits the organization to work on a project AFTER the donor issues the Letter of Intent or signs a formal agreement. Please visit EAD's clarification on this page; FAQ No. 3. CSED last visited this page on October 12, 2022.

Please click here to see the copy of the official EAD letter mentioned above, in case the link has expired.

What is CSED?

The Center for Social Education and Development (CSED) is a federally registered nonprofit organization.

We are based in Islamabad and are connected with our partners across Pakistan.

Who is CSED registered with?

CSED is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Our SECP License Number is A006803, dated December 15, 2015.

Our Corporate Universal Identification Number is: 0097321, dated January 19, 2016.

Please contact us to view our SECP license and registration certificate(s).

Is CSED tax registered?

Yes. CSED is registered with the Federal Board of Revenue.

Our National Tax Number is: 7200449-8.

We were registered on March 18, 2016 as a nonprofit organization.

Please contact us to view our FBR tax registration certificate.

Is CSED registered with PCP?

Yes. CSED is certified by the Pakistan Center for Philanthropy as a credible nonprofit organization.

Our PCP Registration Number is: PCP-2018/619.

We were certified on October 10, 2018.

Please contact us to view our PCP registration certificate.

Who could CSED work with?

Under the Government of Pakistan's Companies Act, CSED can work with local and international development partners and donors. It can work with corporate and business organizations. It can work with private donors and philanthropists.

Anyone can support CSED after fulfilling the legal requirements of the Companies Act.

Where could CSED work?

CSED can work across all Federating Units of Pakistan (in alphabetical order): Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Sindh provinces.

CSED can also work in the former Federally Administered Tribal Areas, known as Newly Merged Areas.