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Registration with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan:

CSED License and Incorporation Certificate

Tax Registration with Federal Board of Revenue:

Tax Registration Certificate

Certification by Pakistan Center for Philanthropy:

PCP Certification

Profile and Brief Report:

Profile and Report

Audit Reports:

Following are the three latest Audit Reports of the organization. (Audit for 2015-16 would be removed once Audit for 2018-19 is uploaded. This audit would be available on request. Thank you.)

For year 2018-19: Audit is underway. Report expected by November 30, 2019.

For year 2017-18: QCR-Audit Report FY 2017-18

For year 2016-17: Audit Report FY 2016-17

For year 2015-16: Audit Report FY 2015-16