Multan LitFest 2018

Project Brief:

Multan Literary Festival-II (MLF-II) took forward the tradition set by Multan Literary Festival-I (MLF-1). It only got bigger and better. This time, the project involved truly a wider range of local partners involving local universities, various literary organizations, in addition to Bahauddin Zakariya University, and Multan Tea House. Like its previous version, the MLF-II brought in the mainstream provincial and national literati, intellectuals and speakers to engage with the local communities and their leaders. The project launched five books, held musical shows, and truly built a strong narrative aiming to promote social cohesion in the region. It also highlighted the importance of owning the local historic narratives, traditions and promotion of the culture against the onslaught of all forms of extremism.

MLF-II was a process that solidified the gains that MLF-I had started to achieve. CSED eagerly looks forward to continuing the process.

Timeframe: October 2017 – February 2018.

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