Multan LitFest 2017

Project Brief:

CSED believes that the promotion of dialogue and culture via the local literati can play an extremely important role in promoting social cohesion, particularly in the underserviced areas. The project challenged a certain stereotypical trend where the literary festivals were being held only in three big cities of Pakistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, and took the festival to the biggest district of the Southern Punjab. The project held a series of events to both involve the literati and communities and also raise awareness about the importance of local history, cultural and intellectual traditions and creation of safe public spaces where communities could come together and involve in constructive and positive dialogue on challenges of social cohesion. The festival promoted the local traditional arts and crafts, and brought the mainstream provincial and national intellectuals, speakers and writers to Multan.

It launched seven books during the festival. This was the first ever Literary Festival in Multan, and met a resounding success both in terms of achieving its project objectives and exceeding the expectations on impacts. The project partnered with the Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan and Multan Tea House. A large number of youth were also engaged.

Timeframe: January 2017 – April 2017.

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