Project Brief:

Encouraged by the level of reception among the communities of Make Peace Possible and Aahung (Pilot), CSED decided to involve a greater number of communities across various districts of the KP province, as it had started to recover from the deadly terrorist violence that it had been suffering since 2004. The project works in 10 districts of KP, and focuses on training, capacity enhancement, information sharing, advocacy-for-peace, bridge-building among the communities and their leaders it works with.

At the grassroots level, it engaged with youth at madaris and universities, and connects the local civil society and peacebuilding leaders with the youth and their teachers to forging sustainable local alliances to build strong social cohesion. It celebrates the structures of peace and local leaders working on social cohesion in challenging environments, and continuously encourages the local communities, particularly youth, on rejecting all forms of extremism, falsehoods and disaffection leading toward violent actions. Aahung categorically underlines the sense that the Pakistanis must take the ownership of peace among their communities, and without peace and social cohesion, the Pakistani society at local or national level cannot be able to achieve a progress matching its true potential.

Aahung firmly believes that the National Action Plan, and the National Internal Security Policy of the Government of Pakistan must meet success.

At a strategic level, Aahung also engages with the local leaders via the multistakeholders dialogues, and holding provincial level policy dialogue to impress upon the provincial government the importance of public-private collaboration to achieve the objective of a peaceful society.

Timeframe: September 2017 – May 2019.

For more information, please write to info@csed.pk.

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